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Re: Bacon Foil

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Pffft, bacon.
Are you actually going to contribute anything to this thread or just make it your mission to ruin it for anyone trying to enjoy it?
I did contribute, I contributed my take on how I feel about processed foods. The last bit was me signing off, at accepting defeat when it came to trying to convince teacake about the evils of bacon.
Looked to me more like another drive-by.

Besides, what have you contributed to this thread, other than some half-assed attempt at calling me out for voicing my opinion about something. I think you should stick to TNZ.
Well, I was enjoying the thread just fine without you coming in with the intention of messing it up. I didn't feel the need to comment because I liked it just fine already. But then you kept making your anti-bacon posts (I can't believe I just had to type "anti-bacon," what the fuck, Internet?).
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