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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Ugh, annoyed at myself. Talked myself into opening a couple Temporal lockboxes, thinking that the trend from the Tholian set was to at least give better rewards, right? Well, opened 4 of them, and got:

-about 15 Lobi crystals total
-3 duty officer packs. Not special ones, but common whites. 2 were regular recruitment packs, 1 was the GQ pack, but all had whites, with one green per pack.
-Some bonus fleet credit chit. Means I earn more during a fleet event, I guess.

Underwhelming, at best. Thought the trend was to try and justify these better by trying to make the rewards worth the supposed money? Cost of 4 keys /= what I got, not even close. Hell, all of the items I could put on the exchange wouldn't buy a single key, so value wasn't there.

Done with lockboxes until I'm tempted by the next one, I guess. I just had a ton of Zen sitting there, figured what the hell. Should have just upped my bank slots or something instead...

Don't be, its a marketing gimmick and way for Company to rip off star trek gamers.

There won't be anything in these lock boxes and even if you by some miracle coincidence you find some purple item (very rare) it'll be worthless due to exchange price.

Every time I come across one of these boxes i post them on the exchange for cheapest possible price, if some schmuck wants to open these be my guest, I personally recommend against it.
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