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Re: Why Are So Few Statutory Rapes Prosecuted?

I'd expect that a good number of the non-reported cases involve family consent. Family COULD press charges, but if they like the guy, or the relationship is going well, and there's not THAT big an age difference, why cause legal trouble?

Really, I gotta see more of an age difference before it's a problem in my head. 6 years, i dunno, feels like it needs to be more before it's RAPE, and guy's a sex offender, etc. Should they really be together? Probably not, but is it drastic enough a problem to ruin his life over? I say no.

Differs by state, but some of the rules go way too far, too. Some are set up so that even if you're both in the same high school, and a senior is dating a freshman, could be statutory rape.

It's a tough one to get good reporting on, because in most cases, neither party really feels like they are doing anything wrong. No one was physically raped, it's a legal rule being broken, not physical violence. Up to the family to report, i guess, and like I said, touchy ground. Short of that, or reporting it as revenge over a bad breakup...

ETA: Don't wanna turn this into me supporting rape, or some sort of odd old guy/toddler fetish, just feel like there should be a bigger age gap before it's a legal issue. 15 year old and a 21 year old is wrong, but 70 year old banging a 21 year old is good for him? I know, consent, legal adult, etc, but funny how the first guy is a criminal and the 2nd a legend...
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