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Re: post Fate of the Jedi trilogy, OT era series announced

LucasBooks Editor Jen Heddle recently addressed diversity in the EU. Here's a quote focusing on Sword of the Jedi:
Jen Heddle wrote:
[...] does Sword of the Jedi presage a greater focus on Jaina’s (and Ben’s) generation going forward? Many of us feel that there’s a great deal of room to continue expanding the younger cast of major characters in the “flagship” novels, and that could be an ideal area to boost both human and alien diversity without seeming to shoehorn new characters in where they aren’t needed.
Also, earlier this month, Aaron Allston hosted an X-Wing: Mercy Kill Q&A session at Dragon*Con. Here are a few select quotes not tied specifically to that book:
Aaron Allston wrote:
Del Rey is keenly aware that the dark tone of the SWEU hasn't fit well with fans. We were asked to make FOTJ more Star Wars-y

Denning took point on where to steer LotF and FotJ in regards to the Legacy comics.

Changes at Del Rey (digital shorts) may be opening up doors to new Rogue and Wraith tales.
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