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Re: Faith in Humanity Restoration Thread

Don't know if this story was already posted, but -

Last Christmas season, in Cairo, Eygpt, Islamic fundamentalest terrorists attacked a christian church, killing a number of people that were inside worshipping. The next week was Christmas Day, so the christians went back to church as a group, hopefully for protection (Egypt was still in upheaval, and they didnt feel they could rely on the authorities for help). When they arrived at their church, they found a large group of Muslims had gathered. The local Imam had called on all members of his mosque to come out with their families. He told the christians that while they were inside worshipping, his people and their families would surround the church. He said "if the terrorists want to get to you, they will have to go through us." They stood around the church untill the services ended, then escorted the christians home.

See? Even an athiest can admit sometimes the theists do the right thing.
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