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Re: Is fantasy more popular than science fiction? If so why?

The warp drive article depends on 'exotic material'. Therefore I could sketch out the most Amazing Fantastic Engines and provided exotic material was the essential component they would be plausible.

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And you know what is "plausible" and what is "not plausible" how exactly? The human body itself is a terrific example of millions and millions of individual parts (cells), organized into various configurations all communicating and acting together as one unified whole.

Avatar simply takes that concept up an order of magnitude and posits a planet where likewise the entire biosphere, including the complex lifeforms, are interconnected naturally.

No recourse to "fantasy" (paranatural explanation), just science.
You completely missed the point I was making about interconnectedness. A point, I might add, that many geneticists have made since the film came out. It is fantasy not science. If it had been set in the centre of the Earth you would call it fantasy because there's no outer space down there.
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