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Re: Is fantasy more popular than science fiction? If so why?

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^Uh, no. They make frequent references throughout Avatar to the interconnectedness of all life on the planet down to a neural level. The process is even demonstrated between the Na'vi and their riding animals as well as with the Tree of Voices and the Tree of Souls. The implication is that in some way the entire biosphere of the planet is part of a "group mind" that may or may not be conscious in and of itself.

The Na'vi may have personalized this group mind as the "goddess" Ewa, but that does not make an entirely plausible scientific concept into fantasy.
Interconnectedness of all fantasy life on a fantasy planet,
Not "fantasy" in the way you are abusing the word (and, yes, I deliberately chose that term). As you are abusing the term, anything that isn't document-ably real right here and now is "fantasy".

That is not what is meant by the genre title of "fantasy" and you know it.

in a way that doesn't happen on Earth? Come on, just because they put a bit of thought into it doesn't make it plausible. If they wanted it to be plausible the humanoids would have breathed through slits their throats and had 4 arms.
And you know what is "plausible" and what is "not plausible" how exactly? The human body itself is a terrific example of millions and millions of individual parts (cells), organized into various configurations all communicating and acting together as one unified whole.

Avatar simply takes that concept up an order of magnitude and posits a planet where likewise the entire biosphere, including the complex lifeforms, are interconnected naturally.

No recourse to "fantasy" (paranatural explanation), just science.
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