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Re: USS Galactica in Star Trek

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What if the Galactica was a Galaxy Class Starship, imagine the same sort of characters in BSG as the crew of a Federation ship, starting with Bill Adama as captain, what would the other crew positions for significant characters be in the Star Trek World, and how would Kara Thrace and Lee Adama fit in? Would they be shuttle pilots or something else?
The Galaxy-class ships and the Battlestars are not easily comparable. The Galactica is a heavy battle cruiser, with fighters and an on-board Marine compliment. Galaxy-class ships are exploratory vessels with science equipment.

As I mentioned in your other thread, there are no real fighters in the Star Trek universe, as nearly all battles take place between large ships. For Lee and Kara to be shuttle pilots would probably be a step-down from what they're used to. So it'd be interesting to see a "Battlestar-class" ship in Star Trek, complete with Vipers and a launch bay.
In "Sacrifice of Angels" Sisko threw Fighter Wing after Fighter Wing at the Dominion fleet to blow a hole in their lines.
You can argue over their effectiveness, but I get tired of the desperate insistence that there are no fighters in Star Trek.
I agree they do not operate like fighters in the modern world, but they must be good at doing something or Starfleet wouldn't build them. They are entirely too vulnerable for the feds to throw them out there, with all of the casualties that entails, for no return.
I always figured they were good at weakening shields before the battle lines met. But I freely admit that is just my own interpretation.
Or.. the writers didn't have a clue about naval tactics, didn't really think profoundly about what a realistic Trek space battle should look like but went with what looks cool and what people can relate to.

Realistically fighters in Starfleet make absolutely no sense.. main weaponry of a starship are energy weapons meaning that once they lock on a fighter they will hit it. No fighter can evade being shot at with weapons at light speed. Additionally they are too small to be equipped with shields and armor to withstand a capital class weapon and they are also too small to carry weapons that would have a meaningful impact on a capital ship.

So anything below a scout class vessel makes no sense in Trek when it comes to battle because they'd just be wasting personell and material for no effective gain.
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