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Re: Looper - Grade, Review, Discuss, ect.

Grade: A- or Excellent

SPOILERS ahead, you know this if you're in the Review thread but it bears repeating.

Marketing wants you to think this film is merely about young Joe(JGL) versus old Joe(Willis) in a fight for survival. Maybe you even think, "It's like a team up, first they fight then join forces". YOU.ARE.SO.WRONG.

So the film in it's exposition explains what a Looper is, how their guns(Blunderbusses) got their name and other details about the future. The boilerplate angle you may hear about this movie is that old axiom, "If you could go back in time and kill Hitler as a baby/kid, would you be able to do it?"

So with that angle said the real theme of the film though is Love. Not a romantic one but one of connectedness, most all main characters show the theme at some point.

The future is riddled with mystery as they don't explain the full socio-econmics of it but clues are laying around for you to guess. Overpopulation, areas you may not want to be in, like France, cause something unfortunate occurs(plague, natural disaster, nuke?), an energy crisis(all cars are equipped with solar panels). Due to an unknown event it's caused 10% of the population to develop a mutation of Telekinesis. The mention of "mega-cities" is important cause one particular crime boss has risen up and taken control of FIVE of himself, with no men. They never say how many mega-cities there are. This is said in an impressive manner to drive home how tough that would be. Most crime bosses were content to use Loopers to kill off rivals. This new boss, the Rainmaker, though starts retiring Loopers at a high rate. If you are retired it means the older you is sent back in time to your present and you off him. Even if you don't know it's you the payment in gold vs silver is your clue.

It's here where the ole time travel thing gets wonky. Joe gets retired at some point cause old Joe pops up but young Joe knows to be on the look out cause he's put together something isn't right with so many Loopers being retired en masse + his friend let his older version escape and we witnessed the fall out of that. Old Joe falls in love in his 50's, marries and is living life when future hired thugs come to grab him for assassination but Joe the younger. During this the love of his life is shot and killed. It's here Joe puts his plan(emergency/fallback?) into motion cause he suspected this day would come. He's going to not get killed by his younger self...find The Rainmaker as a child...and kill him/her.

I've typed a lot of detail already but it's not all of it and I don't intend to spoil every aspect. Suffice to say that yes Joe the younger has an escort "regular" hooker he likes. Turns out she has a girl that is a potential "Rainmaker" and old Joe ends up seeking her out. Not till he finds the house does he realize the unfortunate connection. He has 3 potential targets. Two boys, one girl. As you watch the movie it's not tough to guess that Sid, the little boy at the farmhouse is Rainmaker. Emily Blunt plays his mother and I felt that she showed both strength and determination very well in this movie. Along with how her own vulnerabilities and needs were addressed. That's the least spoiler thing I can say. It's the events and evolving relationships on that farm that are important though. Cause without them the actions of Joe the younger and his narration of those wouldn't be important otherwise.

It's a really good movie but I do have some time travel things I couldn't quite connect, hence my minus in the grade. It's a well done screenplay imo to a concept that could easily be glossed over and dismissed. My minus is also cause I thought it was a little too open ended. I want to know if Joe the Younger had a positive change on the past that is reflected in the future...we don't know that answer.

The kid who plays SID, future Rainmaker, is going to blow you away. Just like in Sixth Sense Bruce Willis ends up working with a great child talent. This film should be at least a contender for Best Original Screenplay imo
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