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Re: life-extension technology in Star Trek (or lack thereof)

...Finely ground, and with a morselful of mint?

There was some confusion when it was declared in "Encounter at Farpoint" that McCoy was "only" 137 years old. Granted, we didn't yet learn the year in which the episode took place, but when the season-ender suggested it was 2364 or 2363, the confusion grew: if McCoy was born in 2227 or 2226, he'd only be in his early forties in TOS, whereas DeForest Kelley was past his mid-forties. But the mismatch is not too pronounced.

What was confusing about "Encounter at Farpoint" was that Data indicated he had graduated in '78, supposedly then in 2378; if this year were in the episode's past, this would mean that McCoy would be in his thirties or perhaps twenties in TOS at very best! But we have to dismiss Data's claim now anyway. (Perhaps his being from "class of 78" means he had 77 classmates who could stand witness to him attending, as Riker doubting the attendance was what prompted Data to speak of the class in the first place.)

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