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Re: Stanley Kubrick marathon

Killer's Kiss kicks off from Kubrick's experience from filming Day of the Fight by introducing Davey Gordon as a fading boxer. The openning of this film (after the introducing prologue with narration) plays of the same idea presented in Day of the Fight of a boxer waiting impatiently for the call to come to the arena to prepare for his fight. The viewer watches Davey pacing around his tiny apartment for several minutes in a single shot, finding mindless tasks to pass the time such as looking at himself in the mirror, feeding his goldfish and whimsically looking out his window to an adjacent window where a beautiful woman is going about her evening routine.

This introduction and the following straight-up boxing fight was a promising beginning for this film but it quickly delved into a typical "boy meets girl, girl is threatened by current cruel lover, boy vows to protect girl, both boy and girl magically fall in love in a day and decide to run off together to get married, cruel lover seeks revenge" storyline. Aside from some great filming to continues to show off Kubrick's expertise as a photographer, this film really didn't do much for me once I realized how predictable it was going to be. However, I did enjoy the clumsy yet realistic climatic fight between Davey and Vincent involving lots of mannequins and an axe, which is probably the highlight of the film.

Next up: The Killing.
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