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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Ugh, annoyed at myself. Talked myself into opening a couple Temporal lockboxes, thinking that the trend from the Tholian set was to at least give better rewards, right? Well, opened 4 of them, and got:

-about 15 Lobi crystals total
-3 duty officer packs. Not special ones, but common whites. 2 were regular recruitment packs, 1 was the GQ pack, but all had whites, with one green per pack.
-Some bonus fleet credit chit. Means I earn more during a fleet event, I guess.

Underwhelming, at best. Thought the trend was to try and justify these better by trying to make the rewards worth the supposed money? Cost of 4 keys /= what I got, not even close. Hell, all of the items I could put on the exchange wouldn't buy a single key, so value wasn't there.

Done with lockboxes until I'm tempted by the next one, I guess. I just had a ton of Zen sitting there, figured what the hell. Should have just upped my bank slots or something instead...
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