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Re: Why Are So Few Statutory Rapes Prosecuted?

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And I assume that even more statutory rapes are committed yet never reported.
You assume correctly, about all rapes, not just statutory.

Regardless of your views on sex, I think everyone will agree that a 15 year old girl has no business having sex with a 21 year old man.
Wow. Let's rephrase that so the responsibility is placed in the right direction: "a 21 year old man has no business having sex with a 15 year old girl." Or, "a 21 year old woman has no business having sex with a 15 year old boy."

Saying that the 15 year old -- who legally has no ability to consent -- has no business having sex with an older adult is blaming the victim. Unfortunately, people do that all the time, which is a major part of why many victims are unwilling to report being raped. They know that they stand a good chance of being treated as the criminal.

(I don't know the history of this conversation, so hopefully I won't regret having jumped in here.)
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