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Re: Generations question....

Only too true.

However, Soran may be a tech wizard, capable of whipping up a superweapon or a superdefense at a moment's notice - but he is not a soldier or even a seasoned thief. Kidnapping LaForge is something that might have sounded like a good idea to him at the time, as he would not be thinking in terms of what the military will do next. He got into all the trouble in the first place because he failed to consider what the Romulan military would do, after all.

It should be noted, though, that it's not as if Soran really kidnapped LaForge. What he did was enter in a firefight with Starfleet, after he had rendered two of their officers harmless. In the fight, he wisely kept close to one of them - at which point Klingons came in and beamed out Soran and the person next to him. Quite possibly by accident, that is, just in order to make sure Soran was among those they grabbed.

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