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Re: The Geography of DS9

Of some interest is the mismatch between the sets and the supposed dimensions of the station. In the pilot episode already, the station was essentially "blown up" to at least twice the originally intended size, so that the E-D could neatly fit between the docking pylons. This left the easily recognizable Promenade windows badly out of scale; it also meant that the placement of those fancy airlocks, perhaps originally intended to suggest six of them overall at regular intervals, now had to be treated differently.

If we assume airlocks at regular intervals, and ignore the exact curvature of the set (easily done - we've been doing that with the various Enterprise corridors since the sixties!), there'd now be more like 12 of the airlocks, or perhaps 15 or 18. Then again, we can also assume there are closely spaced pairs of them, with gaps in between - possibly one pair per each of the three wide connecting bridges.

Timo Saloniemi
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