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Re: Did Vader ever fathom that Palpatine was Darth Sideous?

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So Joe Sixpack is fine with a Sith running the show after 10,000 years of Jedi propaganda?

Han doesn't believe in the Jedi, Luke had never heard of them, it's almost like Palpatine had been taking lessons from Big Brother about revisionist history to remove any belief in the force et all along with the ignominy of the Sith.
I think it's true, but I also think that most people didn't believe in the force unless you actually met a Jedi. I get the impression that the Republican was so big that you probably never did so you just assumed stories were exaggerated. You probably started trusting more in the professional army during the Clone Wars and may have even believed Palpatine when he said that they tried to assassinate him. Then you have 30 years of propaganda to essentially erase any belief in the force that was left.
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