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Re: Person of Interest Season 2

That was excellent. A superb follow on to last seasons finale. I like how it started just about right where the previous episode ended.

I wonder if the new teammate, who listens to Dutch commands, will stick around? Just like a dog to rip up a bunch of stuff when left alone!

I thought we were going to see how Finch got his limp, until I realized it was way too early in the timeline for that.

Fusco is one of my favorite characters, he's such a tragedy waiting to happen, so I was happy when Reese acknowledged him as a friend. I was hoping John would be nicer to him this season after all he had to go through last year.

Root may not have to be successful in her aim to unshackle The Machine. I think Reese is unwittingly helping it break its own bonds with his 'Do the math,' line.

Could this be a prequel to Colossus: The Forbin Project?
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