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Re: Do you own a pizza cutter?

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Sometimes i wonder if humanity would die out if all food was canned and not a standard can opener in sight.

What's will all the need for specialized tools for everything? I never had a pizza cutter, i eat pizza regularly and i own knives.. where's the problem?
One $3 implement lets me slice a pizza quickly, easily, with no mess, and it doesn't cause me pain in my wrists like cutting with a knife causes. I can prepare food many different ways, and can create a meal out of next to nothing. I figure that works towards my survival to the point where I can be forgiven for using a specialized kitchen tool.
Maybe it's just me, but I find the butcher knife method a helluva lot easier than using an actual pizza cutter, which is probably why I've never been motivated to buy one. If I thought it would make the job easier, I'd buy one, but as it is, a butcher knife is far more efficient.
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