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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

Thank you. And, yeah, the shadowplay is pretty amazing. Not always what I expect; but, nice to look at. Definitely gives a sense of realism to the images.

This is the latest. You can see here the work has now been done in crafting the basis for the sides of the watertanks.. essentially bulkheads that will have a pressure door access
once finished. It's not on the plans; but, I don't know how you have a storage space that large with no access to do
inspections or cleaning as needed.

The first of the support structural frames can be seen between bulkheads in view as well. This will wind up being much added to and tweaked; but, the base is there now to work from. Both took quite a bit of time to derive; but, happy so far with the outcome. The last image shows a set of water towers in place. These look small to the space; but, combined with small pumps on the other decks, they'll serve to move water quite well throughout the ship. They need some work yet as the material broke on import and needs reapplied; but, very happy with this as well. Next will be work to the floors in this section. Haven't decided exactly how to do them yet; but, have some really good ideas brewing.
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