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Re: Glee - Season Four

I didn't like the songs that much, but I loved the New York scenes, the show really has to drop the McKinley setting next season, the only characters left there that I care about are Sam and Blaine and if they bring in more new characters the scenes will suffer from the same problem they had before, too many characters fighting for screentime. Having just Rachel and Kurt plus a few supporting characters in New York works so much better.

I loved Sarah Jessica Parker on the show, but I hope Kurt has a crap idea next week and she tells him, I don't want him to become the wunderkind and her his #1 fan swooning over his genius.

Don't care for the potential Finn/Rachel drama, I hope the next episode starts with Rachel telling him "You left me, I'm dating, deal with it" or with Finn saying "Hi Rachel, where's Kurt, I wanted to surprise him ... are you Rachel's new boyfriend, nice to meet you!"
Anything but more of the same old angsty relationship crap
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