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Re: The Geography of DS9

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What is going on with people entering and exiting directly to and from the Promenade?
It could be that those airlock corridors have a turbo lift at the end, a turbo lift that travels directly across the transfer bridge (those three spokes connecting the core of the station with first the habitat ring and then the outer docking ring) towards one of the primary docking ports. So the turbo lift would first go down (Promenade is higher than the uppermost deck of the transfer bridges) and then horizontally along to one of the primary docking ports.

Or for some reason the corridor (which ends in some tiny kind of T-junction) first splits and then comes back together again, before sloping downwards somewhat (since the ground floor of the promenade is probably at least ten metres above say the highest level of the transfer bridge) until becoming flat and heading straight out (in one big long corridor) directly to the primary docking port.

Or maybe it was for plot convenience and the blueprints were thrown out of the airlock...
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