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Re: Considering starting Fringe

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-Any chance this show would be up my alley?
Looking at your other favorite shows I'd say yes.

-How does it compare to your top favourite shows?
My favorite shows (at the moment) are New BSG, Veronica Mars, TNG, DS9, Farscape, Buffy, Angel and Friday Night Lights (finished shows only) and compared to them Fringe beyond season 3 doesn't hold up. I love the performances and especially seasons 2 and 3 (season 1 was kinda meh, not bad, but not nearly as great), but I despise season 4 for reasons I cannot reveal without spoiling you, let's just say that something happened that killed my interest in the show, what was must see tv before became I'll watch it if I have time tv.

-Does the first season tend to lack focus or does it all come to be important later?
Not all of it becomes important later, but some things and characters do.

-Are there any highly low points for the series (I read something about season 3 being a bit of a downer)?
I think of season 3 as the series high point and season 4 as the absolute low point, with season 5 looking even worse due to certain things happening. But that's just me, many fans still love the show, but even with me hating the later seasons I highly recommend seasons 1-3 (seasons 2-3 more than 1 but it's still entertaining).
At least I still care enough about the show to hate it and the performances are as good as before.

-Is it going to have a good opportunity to wrap up all the loose ends in its final season (nothing turns me off like an epic series that never gets to realize its conclusion)?
They went into the final season knowing it would be the last, the writer's have all the opportunities in the world to wrap it up.

So, have I ruined most of the big reveals of the show?
Nope, you know some stuff and not everything you posted is 100% correct. The parallel universe scene may look like a big reveal right now, but think about what you don't know, you saw Leonard Nimoy in a still standing WTC ... that's it. It's like starting X-Files knowing that there's a conspiracy, a cigarette smoking bad guy and aliens, without context it doesn't spoil much at all.
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