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Re: officers are called 'sir'

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Daily brushing and flossing will cure the filthy mouth and instead of sir I will accept your suggestion of addressing me as "Paragon of Courtesy"

I can understand that you are not a jingoist as there is nothing much to be proud of in the old BRD.
As a fellow landsmann I feel your pain.
Do you have anything to offer about this discussion but nonconsequential snide comments? Before you showed up insulting about 6,727,531,000 people without provocation, we were having an interesting discussion about the use and origin of the word "sir". But I guess standing on the sidelines throwing thrash is easier than actually having a discussion.

teya wrote: View Post
horatio83 wrote: View Post
By the way, I did not argue against politeness, I argued against the expression of politeness via an aristocratic term which seems mildly ironic from a historical perspective as the US wanted to get rid of British monarchy.
I have an egalitarian worldview so I will never ever use or like a term like "Sir" which implies that somebody else is above or beneath me.
If you're walking down the street and a total stranger a few paces ahead of you drops something and doesn't notice, how do you get his attention?

I would say, "Excuse me, sir! You dropped this."
I cannot reply for horatio, but in Italian (and if I understood correctly, also in German), there is no distinction between "Sir" and "Mister" used as an honorific address, so I guess that's what it is going to be used.

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"Paragon of Courtesy" seems a bit top-heavy tho, Surak
Especially since he has been anything but.
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