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Re: Insurrection as an episode...

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Out of curiosity, how would you react if a hostile group tried to trick you out of your home and when you found out they still tried to do it, but with violent force?
Yes, Ru'afo was a thug, but I understand why the Federation did what it did. The only thing the Federation did wrong was not reveal who they were to the Baku and attempt to work out some kind of deal with the Baku for the planet. The movie never attempted to address like this, which really weakened it IMO.

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Exile them all which is pretty much a death sentence for them?
I wouldn't call them living out their rest of their normal lifespans a death sentence. Anij was already over 300 years old herself. Many people in the galaxy were never as lucky as the Baku were to discover the planet.

People forget that the planet was in Federation space. Also the original Baku had arrived there from another planet.

A big problem with the Baku was that they simply weren't likeable.
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