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Re: Paddling a 16-year-old giirl at school: is everyone stupid here?

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Outside of one or two incidents, my parents were able to abstain from hitting me as a child. I still turned out pretty well. There's no rel proof that spanking, or any form of corporal punishment, works but there's a lot of evidence out there that it may well have a detrimental effect.

Back when I was going for my master's in education, I recall one professor, who specialized in students with disabilities, talking to us about calling home when a student was not doing well academically. He said that he always avoided doing it because a large number of parents' first reaction was to smack the kid around a little. He was an older guy so I like to think that it's decreased since he was in that position but hearing that was pretty sobering.
For what it's worth, mom was the one that believed in smacking us kids. Dad never raised a hand to any of us, he just talked. He was the one no one wanted to disappoint and got the most respect as the years went on into older childhood and eventually as adults. Mom just didn't hold sway as we got older.
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