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Re: Vintage lists of best episodes?

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There are TOS episodes I didn't like back a couple of decades ago, but now consider them worthwhile.
One episode where that has happened to me is Taste of Armageddon. That was utterly unremarkable when I was growing up, but when I saw it again within the last 3 to 5 yrs, it was much better than I remembered. It gets better the more I think about it.

I've even started to put it in a new category: the best examplar of the "good Star Trek episode". Maybe I'll start a new thread about this.

SonicRanger wrote: View Post
See, this is really interesting. No "Space Seed," as many of us have wondered regarding its prestige before TWOK.
KeepOnTrekking wrote: View Post
I'd say The Wrath of Khan and Ann Crispin's Yesterday's Son made a definite impression on how some looked at certain episodes in a new light.
Greg Cox wrote: View Post
I've always suspected that TWOK elevated the stature of "Space Seed" to some degree.
Totally. No one ever thought Space Seed was one of the very best Trek episodes, or a fan favorite, before Wrath of Kahn. A good, solid episode, sure: but only that. Maybe not even in the top ten of its own season.

Wikipedia sez that Harve Bennett watched all the original episodes, decided the first movie lacked a real bad guy, and decided that Kahn would be the perfect enemy. The thing that jumps out, 30 years later – heck, it jumped out then – is that Ricardo Montalbán was a star. Fantasy Island was right in the middle of its run. The "rich Corinthian leather" commercials were on the air. Montalbán was a recognizable commodity, a big asset to a movie deal. Exactly what a studio would like to see when putting together a package to fund a project; esp a sequel to a movie that disappointed at the box office.

It's pretty obvious why Bennett chose Kahn to be the bad guy for the new movie. Nothing to do with how beloved or not Space Seed was at the time.
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