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Bacon Foil

So I had this great idea. Pull out sheets of (even more) processed bacon that you use as foil on a baking tray. The pull out sheets would be sold as a roll in a plastic thingie to keep in the fridge. When you lined a tray with bacon foil if the bacon foil sticks to your frozen pizza or whatever there won't be any of that tedious foil removal because you just eat the foil bacon! And you can pull up the foil bacon afterwards and either eat it or crumble it to put on other stuff. Bacon would already not burn or stick to a baking tray but I bet once they get it all ready to store in rolled form they will have played with the processing so it works perfectly.

The bacon foil would infuse the bottom of whatever you cook on it with delicious bacon flavor. The kitchen would smell like delicious cooking bacon. Not (particularly, ymmv) recommended for cookies.

I am giving this idea away free to whoever would like to invent it.

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