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Considering starting Fringe

Until recently, I always had the impression this was a bit of a B-rate sci-fi series. My extent of watching was limited to about 2 minutes of the premiere, however, but I lost interest in watching it after hearing so-so reviews of the first season or so. However, after hearing some hype about the final season, I decided to familiarize myself a bit, perhaps not in the best way possible, by watching a trailer for season 5. This trailer showed a lot of interesting ideas and what seemed to be a fairly in depth storyline that I wonder if I would enjoy as I love intricate, complicated plots. I love Babylon 5, Lost, The X-Files, and Star Trek. As for non-sci-fi, my favourite series would be ER and The West Wing.

-Any chance this show would be up my alley?
-How does it compare to your top favourite shows?
-Does the first season tend to lack focus or does it all come to be important later?
-Are there any highly low points for the series (I read something about season 3 being a bit of a downer)?
-Is it going to have a good opportunity to wrap up all the loose ends in its final season (nothing turns me off like an epic series that never gets to realize its conclusion)?

One of my concerns now is that I may have already spoiled myself on some of the biggest plot points by checking out this trailer a YouTube vid, and snippets from IGN's best episodes list. From what I gather, there is an alternate universe where the World Trade Center is still standing (revealed at the end of season 1 I believe with Leonard Nimoy), an evil group of people who are actually humans from the future who are up to no good, and Josh Jackson's character is from the future or something and is father to some other important female character. So, have I ruined most of the big reveals of the show?
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