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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hello! I'm new here, too. I'm a 35 year old Minnesotan dance mom of 2 little girls who make endless fun of my Trek obsession. I'm proud to say that I own a fabulous sparkly comm badge necklace!

I started watching Trek as a teenager while on the phone with my boyfriend. He dared me to watch an episode (TOS), and I loved it! I since have moved on to TNG and Voyager as my favorite series. I didn't like DS 9 or Enterprise as much-maybe I just couldn't get into the characters? I love reading the relaunch novels and immersing myself in the fantastical world that is Star Trek.

If I had to pick a few favorite episodes of TNG, I think the de-evolution episode where Troi de-evolved into a fish, and Riker a Neanderthal was one of my favorites. I also liked the Mark Twain episode with Guinan (wasn't Whoopi a fantastic Guinan? No one else could have done the character justice!). Love Q, too.

Favorite character has to be Riker.

Looking forward to participating in the forum!
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