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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

New here, so this is probably the best place to start.

I'm relatively old (born in the sixties) and remember watching the original series back in the early seventies. Naturally, I've watched them several times since. I also watched TNG when it first came out and have watched them several times since, too. It's close, but I do, on the whole, prefer TNG to TOS, but only just and I won't passionately defend one against the other. Can't we just get along?

My favourite character is the vehicle that carries me around on his chin: Worf. He seems a fish out of water amongst the crew, but he tries hard, and his determination, sense of honour and loyalty wins through. Picard is also a favourite, too.

Not too keen on Wesley (is there anyone who is?). Troi annoys me occasionally (although Sirtis does well with the character). Still, I can live with both of them.

Liked the episodes that featured the Crystaline Entity, which really tested out the Prime Directive to its limit. Oh, Q is fun, too.

Well, hope to stay here and contribute. Thanks for reading.
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