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Re: Most moving Trek movie moments...

1. Seeing the Enterprise for the first time following her refit.
2. V'Ger's disappearance, seeing the Enterprise emerge over Earth, and hearing Jerry Goldsmith's theme swell.
3. Seeing the Enterprise enter warp at the end of The Motion Picture.
4. Kirk and Spock's conversation in the latter's quarters during The Wrath of Khan.
5. Spock's death and memorial service.
6. The destruction of the Enterprise above Genesis.
7. The destruction of the Genesis planet, particularly the moments before Kirk and Spock are beamed off the planet. The sunrise amidst the planet's destruction is particularly moving.
8. Spock's rebirth on Vulcan - "Jim. Your name is Jim."
9. Kirk's punishment for insubordination - his demotion to captain, and a return to the command of a starship.
10. The flyover of the shuttle-pod carrying Kirk and company to their new ship, only to discover that the vessel waiting for them is none other than the USS Enterprise - "My friends, we've come home."
11. General Korrd's presentation of his vessel's new gunner, and the discovery that it's actually Spock.
12. The final shot of the Enterprise bridge in The Undiscovered Country, and Kirk's final log entry.
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