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Re: About planetary gravity

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You've pretty much got it. The annoying thing about being humans is that we really can't quite comprehend the existence of things beyond out 3-dimensional space. Things like, how can the universe be "expanding" if it's already infinite? What exactly does an infinite thing expand into? Even the balloon analogy is flawed because we can clearly see the balloon getting larger and expanding into the air around it.
Agreed. The balloon analogy does help me wrap my head around the idea of everything expanding away from each other at an equal rate without anything moving towards anything else. But at first, I did have trouble, just with the way it was phrased, understanding the point; i.e. that while the balloon is expanding, the center has nothing to do with the surface of the balloon.

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It's the same reason we have a problem with the question "If God created the universe, then who created God?" We can't grasp concepts like "forever" or "infinity" because we ourselves live such finite existences. My brain is too small to comprehend such big things.
Mentally, I tidy that up by defining God as the thing that predates all things, including the universe. God is the ultimate original source of all creation and anything that was itself created cannot be called "God." If "God" created the universe but something else created "God," the something else would be God, not this "God" named thing. I have no problem with the idea that there is some kind of universal constant that exists before, after, and separate from the universe as a sort of bedrock upon which all other things exist.
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