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Re: Ewww.. SGU let's have some freaking protocol

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In addition to this the show was also boring because they took so long to get the freaking plot moving.
Yeah, I think we've had multiple discussions around here about how you could have gotten the show to where it was at the end of the second season to roughly the beginning/middle of that season--compressing the first season-and-a-half into a single season, if not less. There were way too many filler episodes that just had people acting like dipshits that never went anywhere.[/QUOTE]

I agree that some of the first season could have been dropped in order to push the overall plot forward more quickly. And, yes, that includes some episodes in which the crew are acting like dipshits. Nonetheless I do love that much of the crew were at each other's throats for a long time. I liked that for long stretches crewmates didn't trust each other let alone like one another. That made it even more rewarding when they moved beyond those differences and came together. They "earned" that trust, they didn't just hand it over to each other overnight ala Voyager. In those final four or so eps of season two they were essentially a family and I respected how they got to that point because I saw their arrival at that point step by painful step. This is something I will simply agree to disagree with other people. Stargate fans tend to want such coming-together to happen quickly, they want deepness of divisions to be shallow and easily bridged. I am one of those who can appreciate the more painful and longer journey. Of course apparently that may not be the best way if you want to keep the attention of audiences.
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