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Re: Insurrection as an episode...

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The only things I like about the movie are Riker and Troi rekindling their romance,
Meh. Juvenile and shoehorned romance subplot, even by Trek standards. It'd probably be considered the worst part of the film if they'd had someone smart enough to omit Data's line about boobs perking up...

and the scene with the healed Gerodi watching the sunset. The rest is very forgettable.
That scene was lovely, yes. Had they not done the same basic 'bit' eleven years earlier in "Hide and Q" it would have been all the more memorable.

I can't stand the Baku. Bunch of entitled hippies that want to live forever while billions are suffering and getting killed because of the Dominon War. Those people that could've been saved through researching the planet.
Not that I'm surprised to read these words from a post by you, I do find myself asking the question... how exactly would all the people being killed in the Dominion War have been helped by the Federation forcibly taking and researching the Ba'ku planet?
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