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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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I'll say this for it, that was one of the few Voyager episodes capable of playing around with the emotions of its audience. I'm not even sure if I'd need all five fingers on one hand to count those.
The first time I watched Tuvix I thought it was utterly retarded. I couldn't get past the blending of two people in the transporter, it was just waaaaaay too eye rolling for me.

Hey you know what would have been a good move.. remove all the Tuvok parts to get Tuvok back but leave a copy of those parts in Tuvix. This way we get to keep Tuvix, get rid of Neelix and still have a Vulcan as a main character.
It's Star Trek, silly implausible things are part of it. I was actually disappointed there was no flower popping out of his neck since the Doctor said there were PLANTS in his DNA.

Really between transporter and replicator technology you think you'd be able to duplicate him(which transporters can do see Second Chance) and separate the other two. As much as I don't like Neelix, just because he's a jerk doesn't mean he deserves death.
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