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Re: Ewww.. SGU let's have some freaking protocol

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In addition to this the show was also boring because they took so long to get the freaking plot moving.

Without question much of the first season was iffy and slow in progression. Can't argue against that.

That being said does anyone want to try to argue that the first two seasons of TNG were quality TV or that DS9 wasn't painfully trying to find its way very often during its first season or that Babylon 5 was not boring many people for the vast majority of its initial season? Anyone? Perhaps people give those shows a pass because they were so hungry for Trek or because of the more episodic nature of the first two shows or because each show had a slew of cool-looking, English-speaking aliens. Or maybe because of nostalgia we forget about the growing pains of those particular classic series.

My take is that by season two SGU was a far better series than TNG was during its sophomore season. That it seemed to be more confident of its direction even during its lackluster first season than DS9 and B5 (my personal faves) were during their respective first year on air. And I feel that the acting was top notch for SGU from the start.
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