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Re: Do you own a pizza cutter?

RoJoHen wrote: View Post
It would never cross my mind to use scissors on a pizza.
There are kitchen shears (also called poultry shears) but, if you're going to be cutting pizza much, either one of these or one of these is really the way to go:
Ar-Pharazon wrote: View Post
I always break pizza cutters. I use a sandwich knife with a 12" blade.

I wouldn't mind one of those cutters they use at pizza places.

If your butcher knife is one with a rounded edge rather than flat, though, it ought to do.

wissaboo wrote: View Post
I'm afraid to use my enterprise pizza cutter. It has no guard on the blade and looks like a good way to cut your thumb in half.
That's exactly the reason I never seriously thought about getting one of those - was not designed for safety.
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