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Re: Ewww.. SGU let's have some freaking protocol

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Totally and it seemed to me like this was used for edgy realism in SGU whereas all it really is is a tv trope. When this kind of nonsense is presented as the drama itself it's very frustrating

Well, can't you say the same about SG1's and SGA's lighthearted approach? Isn't that just as much an artificial device used to present the desired mood to tell the stories the TPTB want to? Is it any better when "nonsense" such as witty comebacks and sophomoric jokes are used in the place of truer storytelling and plot advancement? Can't that be seen as filler or even worse a predictable and lazy way to present camaraderie? Just asking. Maybe we should simply respect the way TPTB chooses to tell its story (even if we don't care for) and not look at as trope or phony atmosphere.
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