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Re: A reason why Captains and Admirals know each other

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In the Photoshop Thread, I suggested a Kevin Bacon Captain so that all the Captains and Admirals could know each other.

Then I decided to look up Six Degrees of Separation and I wondered if in the Federation or Starfleet this kind of thing would work. Because Starfleet is so much bigger, would six be a big enough number? I don't understand these things. I just look at it and say "AH HA!"

So, what do you guys think. Do you think the Six Degrees thing is a good reason for why Captains seem to know all the other Captains and Admirals?
I would say so. Keep in mind that even an organization as large as Starfleet has numerous meetings, conferences, and other events that command-level officers are required to attend, though we don't always see these events unfold.

There's also the matter of numerous subspace messages and otherwise being sent back and forth between ships, starbases, and other facilities, allowing officers to communicate without speaking in person.
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