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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

The picture and statement were sent to me by a co-worker who coached football.
This angle clearly shows Tate clearly has control as his feet touches and Jennings is in the air. 'Control' doesn't have anything to do with how many hands or who had hands on it first, its ALL who has control when the ball is dead, ie: when any player is two feet down. Simultaneous catch has just occurred. This is in no way an interception.
Touchdown Seahawks is absolutely the correct call, according to the rulebook, no matter what it looked like and its totally irrelevant that jennings was higher or had two hands on it first. Its also irrelevant that Tate had just shoved away another Packer, as pass interference on either side is never, has never and will never been called on a hail mary. The real refs would have called this whole sequence exactly the same.

The Packers did not get 'robbed'.

He's a Saints fan, but not a Green Bay or Seattle hater.
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