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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

So I've been thinking about what may come in ST:XII.

Spock and Uhura: The Breakup

1. The Obvious. Spock decides that "following his heart" means rebuilding his people and not just with some DNA donations. T'Somebody must be in the picture and that means Uhura must graciously step aside having lost her man to a planet.

Fan Reaction: Everybody cries and Spock's noble angsty sacrifice elevates him to an iconic status several levels above his current iconic status even though we thought he was at the very top already.

2. The Fates. Spock and/or Uhura go through some terrible trauma at the end of which one or both look at each other with the calm, cooling realization that it is not meant to be.

Fan Reaction: One million posts agonizing, defending, weeping, gloating over why it was not meant to be.

3. The Disappointment. Faced with a terrible dilemma Spock makes an ethically dubious decision based on logic and something precious to Uhura dies or is compromised. Uhura dumps him. The look of hurt on her face is heart wrenching but she also manages to look noble and hot.

Fan Reaction: wtf bitching explodes the internet.

4. The Fantasy. One day Uhura is somewhere she is not supposed to be and she sees Kirk and Spock in flagrante delicto. She accuses Spock of using her as a decoy all this time and despite his assurances that really, being with her is quite pleasant the relationship is over.

Fan Reaction: teacake makes an avatar of NuSpock's face with NOT.HET. superimposed over it. Youtube melts down under the heat of ten thousand new slash uploads. The term "fanwank" is suddenly understood by normal people in the street.


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