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Re: Ewww.. SGU let's have some freaking protocol

It does say something sad about a show that the folks who occupy its forums can't seem to stand it. Oh, well. Personally I loved the show, well, at least by the end of the second season I did. So I'll play along here for another night.

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The thing is I personally could punch everyone in the face who shows these "negative traits" in real life. So it's a default turn off on television.
Yes, that's the power that the TV gives us. By all means click off. But I can't go along with the argument that characters having negative traits (sometimes an abundance of them) is alone reason enough to walk out of a movie, stop reading a book or write off a television show. As of right now the best of TV (particularly hour shows (are crammed with the type of folks that you wouldn't want to admire and hang out with in the real world). Without directly comparing SGU to any of these series, programs like Boss, Sons of Anarchy, Hell on Wheels, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, etc are dominated by individuals who, at the very least, aren't role models. This trend of giving lead characters some of our worst qualities appeared to have been started by The Sopranos and has been going on strong ever since. The New BSG even had a little bit of that.

Again this is not to compare SGU to any of those shows. Rather my argument is that even infusing our "heroes" with what at times seem like irredeemable characteristics is not an automatic reason for viewers to tune out. Now if SGU failed to provide watchers with storylines as interesting or characters as captivating, that's another discussion. I'm just not buying that characters-aren't-likable argument. To be honest I still may be bristling over the memory of the time reading/hearing that same nonsense back during the early years of DS9 when Fanboy Nation was throwing a hissy fit about Sisko and Co not being as likable and fun as Kirk, Picard and their crews.
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