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Re: The Top 40 Male Film Lead Actors of all Time

Captaindemotion wrote: View Post
I think it's too early to judge with many of today's stars but I do think that Sean Penn, Jeff Bridges and Tom Cruise have a good shout at being well-remembered in years to come.

Yes, I said Tom Cruise.
Cruise certainly has longevity. I attribute it to the fact that the man has barely aged in the last 30 years! (And he's largely aged better.)

Captaindemotion wrote: View Post
I like Jack. If you don't enjoy School of Rock or his performance in High Fidelity, you might want to check if your sense of humour has been clinically removed.
Plus, he invented Inward Singing!!!!!!

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I don't get why Johnny Depp is called a character actor, or why anyone would think he was acting at all. He's just being himself.
Just compare Ed Wood vs. Once Upon a Time in Mexico vs. Pirates of the Caribbean.
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