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Re: Just finished KotOR for the first time...

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I see the thread is nearly dead, but felt like commenting.
KotOR uses Dungeons and Dragons as its underlying combat mechanic, which is by definition an abstraction of a full round of fighting. So marrying that - a pen/paper RPG system published in 1974 - to an almost-modern 3d computer game is what results in that dissonance.
In the Baldur's Gate games - computerized D&D - it made more sense, those not being 3D and not really representing individual blows as much.
I don't think it was the graphics being 2D or 3D so much as it was where the "camera" was placed. In games like Baldur's Gate & Fallout the isometric view gives one a more detached feel that is well suited to the more strategic turn-based gameplay. In KotOR the over-the-head 3rd person perspective is meant to make the player identify more with their avatar and make them feel like they're in the midst of the action. So when shot at someone not more than three paces away, it rubs against the grain.

I too found KotOR quite grinding in places, though not to the extent you did. KotOR 2 is a more nuanced story, though generally regarded as inferior to the first.
And actually, the dialog aspects of Bioware games are one of the more critcized, not so much lauded, aspects, the main criticism being given 5 or 6 choices with 1 or 2 different outcomes. I still enjoy the selections and "roleplaying" the character(s), but often any selection results in combat.
In case you didn't read the rest of the thread; I have actually since played KotOR 2 and have to say that while I certainly enjoyed it more, it is inferior to KotOR...on a technicality. That being of course that KotOR 2 was so blatantly unfinished (even with the RC mod.) Had the game not been so quickly rushed out the door it could have easily have surpassed the original on all fronts. A genuine shame.

Lastly, Baldur's Gate, and especially BG2, are in my opinion vastly better than KotOR 1 or 2.
One of these days I really ought to try out BG2. It's so often cited as the standard to which most modern RPGs are held. The trouble is, I've had a look at a few LPs on youtube and I'm not sure I'll be able to enjoy the combat system...
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