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Re: officers are called 'sir'

Actually, there is a reason, particularly if you're female (re Esq. after an attorney's name in correspondence). Before your name gets on the letterhead (this used to take a while; back in the Stone Age when I practiced, firms wanted to get their money's worth out of purchased letterhead stationery - that stuff ain't cheap!), you put Esq. after your name so that no one thinks you're a paralegal. It's also something of a title, much like MD after a physician's name.

But I do have to say I don't miss going to court and being asked, by anyone who didn't know me, "When's the lawyer gonna get here?"

Me: "I'm the lawyer."


I was in my 20s at the time.

PS Mr. Laser Beam - I'm glad we were nice to you, despite your apparel.
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