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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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Just saw an ad for the event while watching voyager on cbs action Apparently they are an official partner of the event:

Apart from the extortionate prices it looks like the event might not be as bad as i first thought, except for shamasters running it with their crew. Other than the captains the rest of the talks are free.
All the guests have been announced now though.
You mean all the mythical free talks which neither Media 10 or Showmasters will give anyone information on? They sound much like the stunt shows which no one has been told anything about, the entrance to which were sold as a benefit of the silver and gold packages, yet there have been no tickets put on sale for them. Now, if the entrance is free, why have silver and gold ticket holders been made to pay for it? That's assuming of course there actually are stunt shows.

And as for 5 Captains, all I'm hearing is people making comments about it soon being 4.

Most people who "know" Shamasters are just seeing this event as Star Trek Klepto. Just a load of autograph queues and little else.
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