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Re: Vintage lists of best episodes?

Trek conducted a second poll in the mid-eighties which was published in The Best of Trek #10 in June 1986:

1. The City on the Edge of Forever
2. Amok Time
3. Balance of Terror
4. All Our Yesterdays
5. The Menagerie
6. The Enemy Within
7. The Trouble with Tribbles
8. A Piece of the Action
9. Shore Leave
10. Space Seed
11. Mirror, Mirror
12. Assignment: Earth
13. Arena
14. The Enterprise Incident
15. The Empath
16. Friday's Child
17. The Devil in the Dark
18. This Side of Paradise

I'd say The Wrath of Khan and Ann Crispin's Yesterday's Son made a definite impression on how some looked at certain episodes in a new light.
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