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Re: Star Trek: Of Gods and Men

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If you think CBS is going to respond to these guys with anything besides a Cease and Desist, then you don't understand how business works.
If I had a dime for everytime somebody on this board thought CBS would give STOGAM and the producers a C&D during the past 5 years, I would be a pretty rich guy. lol
As long as you're not trying to generate a profit off of it, CBS is content to leave you alone. But it also isn't them encouraging you to make a pilot they didn't commission.
Yeah, let's get clear on this:

There is zero chance that this film leads to a Paramount-backed television, theatrical, or even web production. None.

The "never got a C&D" is a red herring and has nothing to do with the actual issues here, some of which have already been addressed succinctly by others in this topic.
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