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Re: Federation Law of restricting cloaking device

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That would be like forgetting to mention the V-weapons in a WWII epic...
I watched the movies Saving Private Ryan, Flattop, Run Silent Run Deep and PT-109. None of those movies make any reference to the V weapons; for that matter, only Saving Private Ryan makes any mention of the Battle of Brittain at all, and also doesn't mention V-weapons.

But these cloaked missile strikes are more comparable to such a movie forgetting to mention that air forces existed...
No mention of the air force in Run Silent Run Deep. Perhaps because it's a movie about a submarine?
The first V-1 bomb did fall on Britian until 1944, "Run Silent, Run Deep", "PT-109" were set in the pacific theatre, I've not seen Flattop but I'm guessing that's also the Pacific theater. So it seems unlikely that they would mention events in the European Theater
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