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Re: Star Trek: Of Gods and Men

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A reminder: $150,000 is 0.1% of $150 million, not of $1.5 billion. (It looks like you are thinking of 1% instead of one one-hundredth of one percent.)
I think you're confused.

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Phase II asks for paypal donations on there site. CBS knows about that but does not seem to mind. Renegades is trying to do the same thing, the only difference is they want to also present it to CBS that may or may not work.
I think the thing about a paypal button is that it is a lot more transparent. It could have generated no money or lots of money, but they don't really know (or probably care). But Kickstarter has definitely had some pretty big influence and the numbers are right there. People doing works based on copyright properties that raise any significant amount of money, the specific amount which is available for all to see, would bring a lot more attention to such a thing. I've already seen it happen to some other Kickstarter projects.
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